Letters on Ponte Chiodo

Every destination had a balloon with a letter from him. Every letter was a dream. She collected them riding around her small hometown in Georgia. That day Brian proposed to Kari. The day we met in Venice, Kari brought the letters and asked Brian to read them out for the first time. Not a dry eye.

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Enchanted by the charms of San Marco

No other square in the world compares to San Marco in Venice. No other lures this way. Its magic, morning elegance, afternoon hubbub and omnipresent splendour have inspired artists for ages. Ekaterina can tell. She woke up very early to witness how the beauty of Venice is conjured. The portraits of her became just a marvellous side-effect. 

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Pre-wedding off the beaten paths

Coming from Singapore for their pre-wedding photoshoot in Venice Pin and Wei walked down the intimate and charming alleys and squares of Dorsoduro known only to local people. We strolled around the labyrinth of meandering tracks and delved into the atmosphere of Venice. Discovering it together we immortalised their love memories a few months before their wedding.

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Early mornings with Nela and Mike

Dark, cold, misty forest. Very early. Much before dawn. The middle of nowhere. And nowhen. Far from anywhere. There is where Nela, Mike and their charming dog Lilly spend their lazy days off, caring for nothing, but themselves.                                              

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Natalie and Ralph wedding session in Venice

That crispy, sunny Saturday morning Natalie and Ralph strolled down Riva deli Schiavoni in Venice. Filling the scenery perfectly with their beauty, they celebrated fresh wedding memories.

Streets of Venice

Narrow, dark, both gloomy and romantic, often leading to nowhere. Nothing compares to the alleys and canals of Venice. Always crowded in its main spots, the floating city may be quiet and magic on unbeaten paths where I would be more than happy to guide you and capture your story.       

Your box of memories

I clearly remember when once my grandfather produced a wooden box from the loft crammed with old hidden treasures. The case revealed black and white photographs of my father’s childhood. Touching discovery. Today I would like to share this feeling with you and give you the piece of art we will soon create in a wooden box.      

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