Ciao! I am Luka, a passionate lifestyle photographer, very happy that you finally arrived on my page. I guess that you are looking for a Florence photographer to shoot your wedding, engagement or your holidays here in Tuscany, am I right? Here I am waiting for you, ready and excited to start the journey full of love, passion and art.  Let the session in Florence be something that will stay with you forever, resulting in photographs that will bring back all the memories from your trip to Italy. Florence photographer

My dear Florence, an incredible city where the Renaissance was born, to me has got the most breathtaking panorama view in the world. Piazzale Michelangelo, this is where I strongly encourage us to start our meeting. We would begin with the velvet early morning light just when the Sun is rising over the beautiful valley of Arno river. The hilltop square overlooking the whole city of Florence is a perfect spot not only to start a photoshoot, but also to say hello to the city and get an idea of the Florence’s great beauty. After this incredible viewpoint, we would move forward to capture a couple of grand photographs by Arno river, on Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte Vecchio. Then, we would walk down the streets of Florence chasing the Renaissance by Duomo and getting lost on the beautiful streets around. 

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Florence photographer, Luka Mario

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