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I am a photographer based in Venice, ready to shoot you here or anywhere else on this or other planet. If you plan a proposal, wedding, holiday, honeymoon or any other kind of story in Venice or elsewhere in the world and would like to have some high quality photographs, I would eagerly capture these moments for you. I will do my utmost to show the nature of you, the emotions you feel and the decisive moments of the situations you are in. Your Venice photo session should be enjoyable and relaxing. Using my camera, I will play both with you, the surrounding area and the light. Just live it and have fun. It won’t be just a shoot. I wish it could be a beautiful experience of passion, joy and love. 

My story with photography begun many years ago. I was around ten when I consciously took my first pictures ever. That day when my father bought himself a camera I immediately tried it and realized I could express myself this way and catch the world I see. The journey started. Since then I made myriads of photographs of people and their stories. Many years passed and I met Kinga Leftska – great Venice photographer. She inspired me and turned me on to share this passion with people. Thus, I expanded my work. Today, this is not only travel and street photojournalism but also art and lifestyle photography I am in. The day we meet, the most important story to tell is you.
Yet another photographer in Venice
Therefore, if you need a photographer in Venice, Tuscany, Dolomites or any other destination and a friendly, open person, simply get in touch with me and let’s start the journey!


Venice Photographer – Luka Mario
photographer, journalist, traveller


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