Early mornings with Nela and Mike

Dark, cold, misty forest. Very early. Much before dawn. The middle of nowhere. And nowhen. Far from anywhere. There is where Nela, Mike and their charming dog Lilly spend their lazy days off, caring for nothing, but themselves.                                                        destination photographer Italy                                           Luka Mario, Venice and destination photographer

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Imagine it is you. Imagine we meet early morning or late afternoon somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in a deep wood of tall trees, on a misty meadow, high in the mountains, at the foot of a volcano or at the rocky or sandy beach far from any city. Anywhere. Let’s do it. Let’s produce something unique. I do not mean just several nice pictures of you kissing each other. Let’s create a story, a piece of art, something genuine. I would like to give you photographs that you will remember and cherish all your life. Photographs which you will cry and smile at when producing them next years. Italy destination photographer

For telling a story is not just a catchy notion to me. This is my watchword and my leading idea. This is what I mastered being a tv reporter for a few years reporting on various people stories, delivering news from all over the world. I switched for passion. Today it is Venice. Today it is you. Story means you, your love, your feelings, impressions about Venice, your tastes and all other elements of the photoshoot journey.

If you are looking for a photographer in Venice, an artist, not a vendor, please just let me know you want your story to be told. Send me an email. I will be very happy to meet you.

Luka Mario
your destination photographer in Venice

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• This beautiful story of Nela and Mike is a part of a great project in cooperation with Kinga Leftska.