Yes on San Giorgio Maggiore

It was a week before their big day when Koby sent me his first email asking whether we could prepare the surprise proposal on San Giorgio Maggiore. Since then we exchanged a lot of ideas, planning the day in every single detail. The exact spot and time, her dress. Maisha did not suspect a thing.                                                                         Luka Mario, proposal photographer in Venice

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Venice engagement photography

Maybe it is you. If the question ‘will you marry me’ is the one that you are about to ask soon and are now looking for a proposal photographer in Venice or elsewhere, just let me know. I believe Venice is a place where photography may become an art. Let’s make your proposal unique. I do not mean just several nice pictures of you kissing each other. Let’s create a story, a piece of art, something genuine. I would like to give you photographs that you will remember and cherish all your life. Photographs which you will cry and smile at when producing them next years.

For telling a story is not just a catchy notion to me. This is my watchword and my leading idea. This is what I mastered being a reporter for a few years reporting on various people stories, delivering news from all over the world. I switched for passion. Today it is Venice. Today it is you. Story means you, your love, your feelings, impressions about Venice, your tastes and all other elements of the photoshoot journey.

If you are looking for a photographer in Venice or in any other place, be it Italy or beyond (please se my travel plans here), please just let me know you want your story to be told. Send me an email. I will be very happy to plan it all together and be a part of one of the most important days in your life.

Luka Mario
proposal photographer in Venice

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