Venice street photographer

Narrow, dark, both gloomy and romantic, often leading to nowhere. Nothing compares to the alleys and canals of Venice. Always crowded in its main spots, the floating city may be quiet and magic on the unbeaten paths where I would be more than happy to meet you and create something genuine together. Venice street photographer 

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Venice street photographer

Given the fact that you are here browsing the photos from Venice, I believe that you either miss your recent trip to Italy or perhaps already plan your next or first visit to the floating city. No matter which of the above is right, Venice is still here, waiting for you to see her again or explore it for the first time. It’s luck and somewhat a privilege to be able to see Venice. Lucky we are to live in the times when the city is still alive, very vivid throughout the day attracting tourists from all around the globe and myriads of different events.

Whereas street photography is rather a hobby to me that lets my eyes and mind take a rest, this is lifestyle, portrait and event photography that I do professionally. Please feel absolutely free to reach out and discuss your ideas or questions with me. I will do my utmost to help you make best out of your trip to Italy no matter where we are supposed to meet. Let me know your vision, send me an email and let’s start planning. Your journey and your portrait session in Italy starts just now.    Italy photographer

For any further inspiration please check also my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. This is where you will find my most recent portraits, outfit ideas, poses that we may try out during the shoot, my travel plans and lots of suggestions and tips for your session in Italy.

Luka, Venice photographer