Sex and cigars in Venice

Bea and Brett. From Hollywood to Venice. With love, passion and sexy cigars. They roamed Venetian streets, off beaten tracks, palazzos, enjoying the time spent together. This short powerful video story tells about two lovers on one of their badass honeymoon days in Italy. It was filmed and photographed, so the shining memories remain.               Venice videographer  Luka Mario

While I was filming the video story of these two, it was Kinga Leftska who was capturing the photographs of Bea and Brett. Whereas the whole story you will find on her website, here I am presenting you a few examples of Kinga’s outstanding works. 

man with a cigar, Venezia, Italia Venice videographer Italy, cigars on Piazza San Marco bnw portraits piazza San Marco, Venezia bnw portraits Venice, Kinga Leftska bnw cigarettes couple photoshoot Venice videographer Italy; photo by Kinga LeftskaVenice videographer Italy black and white portraits, Kinga Leftska Couples photographer in Venice, Italy Black and white session in Venice, Italy Black and white Venice taxi ride Man portraits by Kinga Leftstka Man with a beet on a Venetian staircase Venice videographer Italy She shaves him Videographer in Venice, Italy, photo by Kinga Leftska black and white photography Venice, Italy, Kinga Leftska black and white photography Venice, Italy, Kinga LeftskaVenice videographer Luka Mario; photograph by Kinga Leftska couples session Venice, Italy Venice videographer Luka Mario; photograph by Kinga Leftska Portrait session Venetian Palazzo black and white photography Venice, Italy, Kinga Leftska

Since you are already here, reading these words and viewing the portfolio, most probably it means that you are looking for a videographer in Venice. If you wish your story to be filmed in an artsy, creative and energetic way, you are in the right place. Send me an email. Let’s get in touch and make our ideas, dreams and visions come true!


Before our meeting in Venice or anywhere else here in Italy, Europe or Asia (I do travel to Asian countries every autumn/winter time), please feel free to share with me any ideas about your ideal shoot. Because there is no story that can not be told. I am always open to Any scenario of our session. For further inspiration please view also my Instagram account where you can see my most recent works.

Venice videographer 

I strongly believe that couples photography session can be a beautiful experience. No matter what the weather is like. Is it sunny, snowy or rainy, let’s take the day as it is. Let it be a friendly meeting, full of fun, smiles, creation or even sometimes very crazy ideas. Whereas the posing may serve a purpose, I would not ask you to hold a lantern or lift your leg because this is what people do. I will do my utmost to bring all the emotions and dynamics out of you. 

Luka, Venice videographer