Walking on the Moon

Welcome to the island of eternal spring and moonlike scenery. Its countless volcanoes, black sands, yellow and reddish rocks, the otherworldly nature – it all gives the very surreal impression of being on the moon. This is how Lanzarote feels. This is where I met the three beautiful humans – Alexa, Alex and their little Luna.          Canary Islands photographer                                                                                         

The stratified city of Lanzarote where the session took place is undoubtedly one of the most magical locations in the Canary Islands. Its colours, the shapes of rocks, its fragile and layered structures, the African wind and the Sun, all in one place – you can’t experience that anywhere else. However, the entire Canarian archipelago, every single island will astound you with its uniqueness. Lanzarote is just the first on my own list. Now let me show you why.

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Canary Islands photographer

During our meeting I wish you could forget about the session itself. I want you to experience the moment, the time we are just about to share. I wish that what you bring home are not only the photos, but also good memories of the wholesome moments that we are going to spend together. Because it takes so much more than the equipment, skills, decent backgrounds or lighting. It’s all about what you and me bring to the meeting called session. It’s what is in between me and you. The aura, the vibe, understanding and opening to ideas that may turn into some really great results.

Please feel absolutely free to reach out and discuss your vision or questions with me. I will do my utmost to help you make best out of your trip no matter where we are supposed to meet. Let me know your ideas, expectations, dreams or even your previous experience with photographers that you wish to keep or rather avoid. Send me an email and let’s start planning. Your journey and your session starts just now.    Canary Islands photographer

For any further inspiration please check also my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. This is where you will find my most recent portraits, outfit ideas, poses that we may try out during the shoot, my travel plans and lots of suggestions and tips for your session.

Luka, Venice & Canary Islands photographer