While in Rome

Early hours in Rome have their own rythm. Streets start to bustle as locals commute. Cafes serve morning coffee and pastries. Piazzas fill with brisk steps. The Tiber flows steadily. Joggers follow familiar routes. Vanessa, Jay and their wonder boys stroll down the city while the day begins. The Colosseum stood witness to their joyous time.                                           photographer Rome

While in Rome, I would bring you for a walk down the streets where ancient times meets modern life. Where the eternal city unfolds its great beauty. Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Capitoline Museums. These are the places we will explore, chasing the light and best frames.

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photographer Rome

No matter whether this is Rome, Florence, Venice or any other place that we are going to meet, I will always encourage us to split the photoshoot into two parts, sunrise and sunset. This would let us shoot around the main Roman sites like Colosseum or Pantheon in the early hours, long before the crowds arrive to visit these iconic places. Later, before the Sun goes down, we would explore the off beaten tracks of Trastevere, strolling the cobbled lanes, quaint squares, visiting cafes and ice cream shops.

Before we meet, I would love to learn a bit of who you are, your story, a bit of your personalities and expectations towards our meeting. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and share your plans, vision or any further questions. I will do my utmost to help you make best out of your trip no matter where we are supposed to meet. Let me know your ideas, dreams or even your previous experience with photographers that you wish to keep or rather avoid. Send me an email and let’s start planning. Your journey and your session starts just now.   photographer Rome

For any further inspiration please check also my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. This is where you will find my most recent works, outfit ideas, poses that we may try out during the shoot, my travel plans and lots of suggestions and tips for your session.

Luka, photographer Rome Italy