Fiorella and the volcanoes

Oh Lanzarote, how much I adore you. Your winters tasting like good warm spring. The volcanic landscape brining me to Iceland or even farther, to the Moon or reddish planets. Just warmer. The smell of the ocean around you. Your rugged terrain. The stillness and simplicity of your nature. So raw and perfect. A minimalist masterpiece.                                                                     Lanzarote photographer

Lanzarote will astound you even on the hazy and dusty days, when the strong winds blow the clouds of sand from the Sahara desert. It might be hard to breathe, but still it is much harder to leave this Canarian gem. Fiorella can tell. She made it to the island years ago and now calls it home. Among the volcanoes.

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Lanzarote photographer

Since a few years Lanzarote has become an important part of my life’s rhythm. I often visit this moonlike island during the winter or spring. This is when my mind and body gets ready for the demanding season. This is also when and where you can catch up with me. Just as Alexa, Alex and Luna did. Their story from Lanzarote can be viewed here.

If you already went this far and read these words, it means that our roads are very likely to cross very soon. And it really does not matter whether this is going to happen in Lanzarote or any other place. Please feel absolutely free to reach out and discuss your vision or questions with me. I will do my utmost to help you make best out of your trip and above all the session itself. Let me know your ideas, expectations, dreams or even your previous experience with photographers that you wish to keep or rather avoid. Send me an email and let’s start planning. Your journey and your session starts just now. Lanzarote photographer

For any further inspiration please check also my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. This is where you will find my most recent portraits, outfit ideas, poses that we may try out during the shoot, my travel plans and lots of suggestions and tips for your session.

Luka, Venice & Lanzarote photographer